Performing Arts at TTCS

Music is offered to all students K - 6th once a week

Band is available to 5th and 6th graders and meets twice a week

Drama is an extracurricular available for a small fee to students 3rd through 6th on Friday afternoons

Chorus is also an extracurricular available for a small fee to students kinder through 6th grade on Tuesdays after school.  

Recorder ensemble is available for students in 3rd and 4th grades twice a week

Jazz Band is an extracurricular for 6th grade band members for a small fee 

Schools Need Music

Did you know?

"Research has found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas"

“Music learning supports all learning. Not that Mozart makes you smarter, but it’s a very integrating, stimulating pastime or activity,”

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Drama club can help students in many areas

Did you know?

"Dramatic play teaches self-regulation."

"The benefits are physical, emotional, social, and they help to develop a healthy appreciation of culture and the arts. Self-Confidence. Imagination. Empathy. Cooperation. Concentration. Communication Skills. Fun. Emotional Outlet."

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Our Performing Arts Teachers!

Char Rothschild - Music

"Mr. Char" has been performing music professionally since 1988. He has performed music in Australia and Japan, before he began teaching music at Turquoise Trail Charter School in 2000. He joined the adjunct faculty at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design as a trumpet and accordion teacher in 2014.

David Hillendahl - Bands (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th!), Drama, Jazz Band and Chorus

Before moving to Santa Fe in 2007, David (or Mr. H) spent eleven years as a touring Broadway musician.  Noe in his fourth year at Turquoise Trail, he conducts the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grade Bands as well as the Coyote Chorus, TTCS Jazz Ensemble, and the Drama Workshop.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of St. Thomas and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Bradford College.  

In the Music Room

The Buzz from the Music Room

Here's a snapshot view of what happens in Music for each grade.

Kindergarten: Classes are participating in a Eurhythmics-based curriculum which teaches rhythm and melody in a playful, kinesthetically-based series of lessons, with a rest time at the end.

1st grade: Students are engaging in a study of percussion, both body-based and instrumental. We’re building ability to sustain a steady beat, and to play unison percussion parts together. Instruments include shakers, claves, dumbeks, and tuned percussion.

2nd grade: Delving deeper into tuned percussion, 2nd graders are learning the concepts of reading five-note songs on the Treble Clef. Using the Silver-Burdett Making Music Curriculum

3rd grade: Learning the basic skills of conducting, 3rd graders study dynamics, time signature, and dig further into Treble Clef note reading with a foray into guitar concepts. At the end of the unit there will be an assessment of note-reading skills in preparation for a recorder unit starting in the second quarter (mid-October).

4th grade: New Mexico culture is the subject of our 4th grade music curriculum in the first quarter. Students are given a choice of four songs in New Mexican languages, a section of which they choose to memorize for an assessment at the end of the quarter.

5th grade: Students in 5th grade are introduced to the instrument families at the beginning of the year, and have a chance to join the school band if their schedules allow and teachers and parents approve. Then everyone embarks on study of the guitar, learning 3 chords, and finger-style strumming patterns.

6th grade: Using music journals, 6th graders start a year-long study of music composition. The first 9 weeks are spent writing and creating rhythm, performing and improvising on classroom percussion.


The TTCS bands have begun! The 6th grade band is looking at several new pieces of music that may eventually be performed at the Winter Concert. The 5th grade band has now received instruments and are anxious to play their first music. The 3rd and 4th grade recorders are learning basic principles of music theory and playing several new pieces.


All bands will be performing at the Winter Concert in December.

New this Year! Junior Chorus

To those 1st and 2nd graders who wanter to join chorus, but could not because they were too young or it cost too much.  Double bonus!  A chorus especially for you and it's free!  Be sure to check out the Extended Learning Programs at the Gathering of the Pack!

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