School Safety - Upgrades and Changes Coming Soon

Dear Parents and Friends of TTCS,

In our efforts to continually improve overall school security, TTCS Safety and Wellness Committee has elected to install a camera/buzz-in system at the school front doors during the summer with the expectation of having it operational by the first day of the K-3 plus program. All main entry doors of our school will remain locked while students are present in the school. Front doors will lock at 7:45AM and remain locked until 2:45PM Monday-Thursday, and until 12:45 on Fridays.

Please remember if you are entering the building while students are present you will be required to speak into a two-way intercom system to announce who you are before the door will be opened. After entering the school all visitors are required to sign in, wear a yellow identification badge identifying you as a visitor, and return the badge to the front desk prior to departure. Visitors who do not check in, and bypass the Front Desk may trigger a lock down. This would obviously be very disruptive.

Aftercare and all afterschool programs will also be affected by this change. After 3:30PM Monday-Friday, the front door will remain locked for the remainder of the evening and night. If you wish to enter the school to pick up a student push the intercom system talk button. School personnel will communicate with you to open the door. An alternative is to also call aftercare directly at 505.986.4051 or 505.699.7096.

It is the intent of the TTCS Safety and Wellness Committee to do our utmost to protect students and staff. We are initiating this and other protective measures such as security cameras, bollards at the main entry, and security glass film over the front windows to ensure the security of our school and the safety of our students, staff, and visitors. We will continue to strive to update and improve TTCS safety, security and wellness. We welcome parent involvement in the Safety and Wellness Committee, so if you would like to participate please contact our Operations Manager Joe Maes to learn how to get involved at 986-4008.